Crossfire is a Christian Youth Camp for 12+ years (year 7 and up) brought to you by GEAR and URC Youth as part of the United Reformed Church.

All of the Crossfire camps are dedicated to provide a safe place to meet with God, to discover and be reminded of all Jesus Christ has accomplished on the cross, and to learn how to live a gospel centred life … and have a lot of fun doing so! We long to see young people set free, and empowered by God to live the Christian life to the full, and so youth-relevant worship and prayer are at the heart of the programme.

Many of the leadership team, and several other URC ministers, can point to moments at Crossfire Camp that have been significant in their Christian lives!

Crossfire Camp

A Christian Youth Camp for 12+ year olds, an opportunity to get away for a long weekend and get to know God better, with worship, tribes, teaching and intensive fun.

Change of venue for 2016 only - the camp is based at the Barnes Close centre, near Birmingham.

Crossfire on Tour

A weekend away, and a chance to sample the Crossfire atmosphere: worship, tribe times, DJ, food (but no tents).

All information and booking details for Crossfire events can be found on the website: